Design and Fabrication of Guide Attachment in Auto-Pneumatic Tapping Machine

  • Dr.K.G.Saravanan, S.R.Kavinraj


Now a days, there are lots of techniques involved to improve productivity. The automation is one the technique used to improve production. Tapping is one of the operations used in all kind of industries like small, medium and large scales. Tapping is to make fine threads on plates, nuts, etc. Many industries uses conventional methods says hand tapping machine. This conventional method is huge time consuming process, less accurate and high labour cost, and leads to low productivity. In order to improve efficiency, automation is leads to reduce it constrains. Automation includes feeder system, guide way system, grippers and holders. This automation system can be attached in lathes and similar machine, which can enables in different sizes with simple techniques. The gripper and holder is attached to the setup, which used to hold the work piece or components like nuts and similar components. The feeder system and guide ways is used to control the flow of work piece in the system, with the help on sensing devices and also controlled by PLC’s or MCU’s. So we can develop the pneumatics tapping machine, which will make the use of compressed air for it operation without human involvement as which is used in hand tapping.

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