An ARM7 - Based Health Care Diagnosis System Using RFID Technology

  • Saranya J, Sasirekha D, Helanvidhya T, Shanmugapriya P


Across the globe and especially in developing countries like India, diagnosing patients for specific disease at very early stage is not effective in real time practice. Especially in large infirmaries, there is no enough interaction across uneducated people and doctors. This scenario ends up in unawareness of their own medical records. This situation may further lead to situations wherein proper dosage of medicine prescribed by doctor will not be taken by illiterate people, which leads to death. Hence to provide an effective diagnosis through preserving medical records, we have proposed a health care system for the sake of saving lives of uneducated people. Using this system, in a crowded infirmary a doctor can easily pick the patients who needs immediate treatment. The system has patient’s module at transmitting end and doctor’s module at the receiving end. Patient’s module will include RFID tag, RFID reader and sensors and doctor’s module will include Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), personal computer for enabling the doctors to monitor and call up the risky and emergency people to get into surveillance for initiating the treatment at the earliest. The sensors used in this system are pulse oxymetry sensor and flu sensor. Former is used to diagnose patient’s heart rate and blood pressure while the latter is used to diagnose the flu using patient’s blood samples. All these modules are controlled using an ARM7 microcontroller (lpc2129). We affirm that, our proposed system can provide best solution for all crowded infirmaries by prioritizing the patients to be served based on their medical records which is present at the patient module. Our system could also effectively preserve every patient’s database in its module which is a very important factor for a doctor to proceed for further medication and advise the uneducated people to take up medicines regularly as per the preferred dosage.

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