Banana-fiber reinforcing bars production technology

  • Amgad Elbhiery , Mrawan Mostafa*, Omar Elnawawy, Magdy Kassem, Amr Zaher


Green technology is an approach to minimize the harmful effects on the environment and human health caused by building processes. Green technology attempts to safeguard our air, water, and emissions as well as providing a new paradigm by utilizing eco-friendly construction practices and building materials. With the increasing depletion of our ozone layer, there is a need to re-engineer a process of ozone layer restoration by creating systems that release minimal carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Banana fiber reinforced plastic rebar (BFRP-rebar) is new technique to be used in the modern construction industry. The analysis of the manufacturing methods showed re-use the waste from banana cultivation and to reuse it again for industrial purposes.

The aim of the research investigation is to show that the traditional bars (i.e. Steel bars) can be replaced by environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives from unutilized wastes (i.e. Banana fibers bars). The main focus in the research objectives is to establish a new model of bars by adding natural banana fibers bars to create a low cost , renewable and sustainable material. Therefore, all of the tremendous benefits of using waste materials like banana fibers in construction applications lead to win-win situations as eliminate the disastrous carbon dioxide problem that has been demonstrated in the problem statement.

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Amgad Elbhiery , Mrawan Mostafa*, Omar Elnawawy, Magdy Kassem, Amr Zaher. (2020). Banana-fiber reinforcing bars production technology. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 8734-8744. Retrieved from