Reimagining Education: Digital Transformation for Migrating To A New Normal

  • Shailesh Kasande , Parag Kalkar


Digital transformation has evolved as a new paradigm for survival and growth and has a transformative as well as disruptive impact on organizations. Digital transformation has been studied in the context of business entities. There is a need to examine digital transformation and its impact on education at large and higher education in particular. This shall enable academic leaders to effectively manage the transition to the new paradigm and integrate innovative approaches with the traditional and time tested principles and practices in higher education.


This paper aims to contribute to the discussion on digital transformation of higher educational institutes in India. The study uses a semi-structured expert interview methodto assess the current state of digital maturity of academic organizations for digital transformation, using the eight dimensional digital maturity model. The paper looks at the post graduate management education providers in India. The study will help academic leaders and administrators evolve frameworks and strategies to formulate a structured and effective response to the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation

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