Uncertainty in supply networks: strategies and resources

  • Mehdi Safaei


Despite great research efforts, the adequate utilization of all possible network capacities remains a challenge due to uncertainties in supply networks (SNs). Understanding the causes of uncertainty makes it possible to find appropriate solutions to deal with them and eventually manage networks more efficiently. In this paper, first general classification methods of uncertainty are introduced by defining the general concept of uncertainty and its difference with Error concept. Second, the concept of uncertainty in SNs and its management is investigated in the scope of SNs. Third, classifications of uncertainty sources are investigated and a general classification is presented. Fourth, management and control strategies are surveyed, and a brief summary is provided. Finally, the limitations of each strategy are discussed in general. This paper is considered as a conceptual paper, to provide a better understanding of the uncertainty in SNs. All sources and strategies to cope with them are presented as a result of this paper regarding the literature reviews.

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