Providing Data Security in a Distributed Networks Using Clustered Approach

  • Aswadhati Sirisha, B. Siva Jyothi, Sandhya Krishna P


Nowadays, the use of path identifiers (PIDs) is growing in the field of networks in order to transfer data from one region to another region. It is a known fact that PIDs act as inter-domain routing objects for providing best path between two different objects for sending their data under a dedicated path. These are used to avoid faulty/failure nodes created by the attackers inside the network. Tillnow the PIDs are static in nature and hence it is very easy for the attackers to create any attack on a fixed pre-defined path. Hence in this proposed thesis we try to design and implement a novel dynamic PID (ND-PID) framework that is not at all implemented in any delay tolerant networks. In ND-PID, the PID of an inter-domain path connecting two domains is kept secret and changes dynamically, so there is no chance for any attacker to identify which path the data is travelling and he can’t able to convert any nodes into faulty/failure state. Here we try to cluster the set of intermediate nodes into individual clusters and form a cluster head (CH) for each and every individual cluster. This CH will try to monitor the failure nodes and try to give alternate node for data transmission.

Keywords: Path Identifiers, Inter-Domain Routing Objects, Cluster Head, Attackers.

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