Automatic Fire Extinguishing Robot

  • G.Deepa, Balambigai Subramanian,A.Vennila,A.S.Hariharan, V.Udhayaprakash, R. Krishnaprasath


In today’s world there are a lot of fire accidents which happens in various places such as home, food industries, steel industries, chemical industries and so on. These fire accidents cause many losses which includes infrastructural loss, economical loss and also human loss, which must be taken into consideration to provide a better solution. This paper proposes a model where a fire extinguishing robot is framed in which it moves forward and backward to detect the fire.The robot is also developed in such a way that it can climb the stairs as well. Once the fire is detected it moves toward the fire automatically and extinguishes the fire by spraying water on it .The system is also designed to climb the steps, so that it can also climb on any obstacles or move on bumpy areas. The robot is controlled by a programmable raspberry pi.

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G.Deepa, Balambigai Subramanian,A.Vennila,A.S.Hariharan, V.Udhayaprakash, R. Krishnaprasath. (2020). Automatic Fire Extinguishing Robot. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(7s), 4709 - 4715. Retrieved from