Adaptive Street Light Monitoring Using Internet of Things

  • Dr SaiManoj Kudaravalli, K. Mrudula, Gadde Manaasa, Dr. P.Chiranjeevi


Streetlights are an integral part of any developing locality. They are present on all major road-ways and in the suburbs too. Every day, streetlights are powered from sunset to sunrise at full strength, even when there is no one around. On a global scale, millions of dollars are spent each day on these street lights to provide the required electrical energy. This paper gives the best solution for electrical power wastage.  Also, the manual operation of the lighting system is completely eliminated. The energy consumption in entire world is increasing at a faster rate due to population growth and economic development and the availability of energy sources remains woefully constrained. The word “smart” is used because the system not only provide power to the street lights but also helps in detecting the direction of movement of the pedestrian and helps him by means of illuminating the path of movement till the near next street light. A simple and effective solution to this would be dimming the lights during off peak hours. Whenever presence is detected, the lights around it will glow at the normal (bright) mode. This would save a lot of energy and also reduce cost of operation of the streetlights. The status of street lights can be checked on internet using IOT (Internet of things) from anywhere in real time and solve the issues happening during the process.

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Dr SaiManoj Kudaravalli, K. Mrudula, Gadde Manaasa, Dr. P.Chiranjeevi. (2020). Adaptive Street Light Monitoring Using Internet of Things. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(7s), 4609 - 4616. Retrieved from