Characterıstıcs, Optıons Of Morphema

  • Uralov Azamat Begnarovich


Each lexical unit has its own stage of historical development, and in this respect the formal and semantic evolution of words in turn has a sufficient influence on morphemes. The article argues that words and adjectives can be combined, and some words and adjectives can be combined. As a result of such additional densification, it is observed to break away from its invariant morpheme. It has been proven that changes in meaning in the language system at different times have led to the complication of the core. As a result, affixes with obscure meanings and limited scope of use are integrated into the core structure, and a new active unit (affix) is added to restore and strengthen the previous meaning. In morpheme syntagmatics, asymmetry of content and form reflects the fact that two or more forms express the same content in compound affixes and analytic forms.

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