Interdisciplinary approach to the study of film music in Uzbekistan

(art history and psychology)

  • Ganikhanova Sh. , Bekmuradova G., Ganikhanov A


Questions of the methodology for studying music created for works with a visual range are still controversial and ambiguous, as they are objects of an interdisciplinary level. It requires a comprehensive art criticism approach (theater, film studies and musicology), as well as competence in the field of psychology, since in the modern world there is a tendency for the mutually enriching development of various arts, the synthesis of new forms and types, genres and types. At the stage of the formation of cinema, the directors, pushing into the background the technical capabilities of cinema, focused on semantic community with musical art. As a result, the study of applied music should include a parallel analysis of the sound and visual components and determine the degree of impact on the consciousness and subconscious of the audience. By analyzing the audio series from the perspective of a comprehensive (musicology, theater, cinema and psychological) approach, we will get an objective assessment of the state of applied genres, using the art of modern Uzbekistan as an example.Thus, it will be possible to show the contextual specifics of applied music in Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan.

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