Potato production from true seed stock in Uzbekistan

  • Bakhodir Khоldorov, OtabekErmatov, KarimovShavkat


Scarcity of the qualitative seed material reflecting in the cultivation and productivity of potato is one of the main problems in Uzbekistan. Because of its high rank in the spending of seed material amounts (3,0-3,5 tons of potato seed tubers is planted per hectare) among the agricultural crops/ and here, the expenditure for only seed material consists of 50-60% out of  all production expenditures per unit, there for, the enhancing of potato production efficiency by the measures focused on the lowering of production cost through the decreasing of seed material expenditures became one of  the progressive challenges in agriculture.In the results of our experiments has been lightened that the least amount of plants (0,4-1,4%) were infected by the viruses of  hidden character at the cultivation from the true seeds of potato. And the larger infection was defined on the species of  Bup-8 (1,6%)  and K7115 (1,4%) by the hidden manner viruses.One of the significant factors promoting the highest productivity of potato at cultivating from the true seed stock depends on the proper selection of the varieties. Obviously,  the highest productivity (18,5 ton/ha ) was observed in the hybrid population of  “Deva” and the lowest index (4,8 ton/ha ) devoted to the sample of  K7115 (Table 3)Financial efficiency showed that acute declining of the expenses on the account of the seeding material has led to the higher rate (212,2%) of the profitability.

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