Awareness Regarding Cyber Technology among Women In Punjab

  • Priyanka Datta*, Surya Narayan Panda


Information Technology (IT) presently has created a “Global Village” in which individuals can speak with others over the world as though they were living nearby. Employments of IT have expanded exponentially in different applications because of the accessibility of less expensive Internet traffics and mobile phones. Despite the fact that Internet advantages can't be dwarfed yet the threats related to expanded utilization and absence of awareness poses difficult issues for the general society. Women have confirmed to be the easy prey of cyber-crime particularly in developing countries where IT has become common yet the required awareness is not available among the general public. This survey paper intends to recognize the awareness of cyber space among the women. At Punjab, various workshops were led for generating awareness among the women and the data gathered through the workshops clearly demonstrates that lack of awareness among the women making them the casualties of cybercrimes.

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