An analytical review of Information Technology Act and its applicability in India

  • Ajeet Kumar Sharma,Navin Kumar Agrawal


Day by day new technologies are emerging in digital environment and people are adopting these technologies very rapidly. To be the very first in adoption of these technologies is now status symbol more than need.By the way adoption of new technologiesis good practise, but before that a complete awareness and reviews about that is must.There are two categories of users who eagerly wait for new technologies.Oneis the category of userswho adopt/use new technologyfor their interest/use/necessity.Second is the category of users who adopt/use the same technology to monitor the activity and behave of other users.For both categories of users major concern is safety. One is interested to be safe in digital environment while second is interested to know the loopholes of safety of other users. So ultimately it may be said that it totally depends on us whether we are taking sufficient security concern not be victimize or waiting to be victimize to avail the legal remedies. There are lots of technologies lots of users and of course lots of crimes in cyber world. In this era technology is reachable to every person. We are executing many financial activitiesthrough ourmobile/ Computer. So many observers are there who are regularly keeping any eye on our activities and never miss our single loophole. To say this that if we are technical expert and using sufficient security tools will completely and always keep us far to be victimize is not cent per centtrue, while you may  definitely  minimize cyber-crime activity and huge loss against you. If a person becomes victimize then there are so many legal remedies are available depending on category of crime/act.Awareness about these


remedies is limited among a very few peoples even many users does not know that they have been victimized.Along with security tools internet user should also aware about their rights/remedies available or defined in law. In this paper we will review the available/defined remedies in IT Act.


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