Does Celebrity Endorsement Extend Brand Loyalty?

  • Dr.Vishwas Gupta,Priyanka Tyagi, Dr.Mohd Imran Siddiquei*, Gaurav Sharma


Brand Loyalty is the Holy Grail for any organization no matter how big or small. Ever since the inception of the concept of marketing, companies have fought with the challenges of how to boost sales and gain potential customers or more loyal customers. Numerous studies, researches, and papers thereafter, still there is no single conclusive answer to this question as many reasons and circumstances influence the minds of consumers.Celebrities have more credibility and a reputed image in the eyes of the public finds more attention as compared to small ones. It becomes imperative for the students of management in general and the students of marketing, in particular, to lay focus on the factors that show to what extend celebrity endorsement extends customer's brand loyalty. Given the background of celebrity endorsement and brand loyalty, it becomes highly suited to analyse the topic based on responses given by the students of a private university from north India and draw or build a conceptual model by taking one separate model of each (celebrity endorsement & brand loyalty). The data has been collected from 64 students or respondents including 63 questions for each. The t-test sampling technique has been used to analyse the data. We concluded that celebrity endorsement extends to brand loyalty.

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Dr.Vishwas Gupta,Priyanka Tyagi, Dr.Mohd Imran Siddiquei*, Gaurav Sharma. (2020). Does Celebrity Endorsement Extend Brand Loyalty?. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 7674-7684. Retrieved from