Study of Consumer Consumption Pattern of Food Delicacies and Cuisine of Indore City

  • Ms. ArkajaGarg*,Dr. Shine David, Dr. P.K. Gupta


Indore has been famous for its heritage culture and cuisines since ages. It has glorious history of culinary presence in the world. The local food variety of Indore makes the city different and more attractive to tourists and it is also known as the food city. Indore food is backed up and inspired from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra and offers a wide range and different taste in food delicacies. The cuisine of Indore is famous countrywide and major outlets like sarafa and chhappandukan offers best street food.

Indore is the city which offers its delicacies round the clock. Sarafa bazar is the outlet which operates in night only. There are lot of mini street market in the entire city which offers special delicacies and provides a platform to hospitality industry and an attraction for tourism. Tourists visit for historical monuments, heritage culture and attractive cuisine.  Over a decade, the society has witnessed drastic changes in the lifestyle of consumers and preferences towards commercial food service operations. While, there are so many gastronomical delicacies has been introduced in the market and has affected the likings in the food culture, it is also affecting the consumption of street food as well. There has been lot more facilities are available with the consumers such as enjoying at roadside or even can order to get it at home.The present study examines the behavioral changes in the consumption of street food, fast food in the city of Indore. Furthermore, it also studies the pattern of consumption that is people in Indore prefer more of enjoying street food outside on roads or they are preferring to order and enjoy at home.


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