A Qualitative Study: Information and Communication Technology patterns and preference of seniors in metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand

  • Kwanta Manwichachai, Siriphan Sasat, Sukree Sinthopinyo


The evolution of connectedness through Information and Communication Technologies(ICTs) enhance opportunities for interpersonal communication in elder users by linking people and their lives, making it easier to maintain social relationshipsThe objective of this study is to explore the changing communication patterns in Bangkoks senior community, specifically looking at social networking applications as LINE and Facebook. The participants were purposive sampling of 10 with the Semi-structured interviewers were carried out in Bangkok.The samples were sourced from locations where seniors 60years old who are active and independently mobile have social activities, such as a stock trading room, an informal community center, and a sports and activities club. We find that the senior preferred in-person meeting, especially with neighbors, friends and family.They use both social network sites (SNSs) and a phone call in order to communicate with their family members or friends to arrange appointments.They use a SNS depended on their activities, objectives and who they have contacted to.SNS is a way to arrange meetings and reconnect with friends.It has become an important tool for rebuilding relationships with family and friends, maintaining engagement, and reducing isolation and loneliness. They prefer to use LINE rather than Facebook because they felt it is less complicated and more private. They are low online social network skills and capability for new technology. According to the limitation of the inability and slow learning curve in smartphone feature and applications, the seniors are capable of using less than the essential functions and a general perception that using technology is difficult and unsuitable. In order to reduce these limitations, the ICT and SNS have the potential to support communication for seniors and to enhance their ability to maintain social relationships.

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Kwanta Manwichachai, Siriphan Sasat, Sukree Sinthopinyo. (2020). A Qualitative Study: Information and Communication Technology patterns and preference of seniors in metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(08), 2791- 2799. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/24711