Compression Ratio Tester

  • Singh Niranjan, Welis Vivek, Chitte Valmik, Dusane Mandar, Mohammad Umair


Compression is the fact which directly shows the engine efficiency If compression isn’t match with its standard reading which is derived from many experimental procedure taken by designer or manufacturer. But by the reason of that variation number of mechanical barriers take place in engine such as unburnt fuel, detonation in SI engine as well as knocking which is responsible for abnormal combustion, efficiency of IC engine. Marking of that the engine performance slightly reduces. Almost the compression tester was designed for just only removing the heater plug functions to increases the temperature of fuel. The drawback of this available tester only applicable where heater plug is used but the process is time consuming required skill operator etc. Overcoming this issue our compression tester is not only saving time but very efficient whether heater plug is not desirable. Because it just only remove the fuel injector which mounted on the top engine compartment. So after inventing this paper we show that how the process is in actually working condition with our results by consistently stabilizing the engine efficiency through our compression tester.

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Singh Niranjan, Welis Vivek, Chitte Valmik, Dusane Mandar, Mohammad Umair. (2020). Compression Ratio Tester. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 7590-7593. Retrieved from