Electrical Energy Audit of an Institution

  • Shivam, M., A. Ansari, Aruna Pathak


An electrical energy audit is a survey, inspection and analysis of power flows in building, system or process with the aim of understanding the consumption behavior of the system. In general an energy audit is programmed to seek opportunities to balance and decrease the amount of energy feed into the system without changing the output. When the object of study is an   building then       reducing  power  consumption  comfort level, health and safety of human beings. An energy audit prioritize  the  energy usage according to most to least cost effective remedies for energy saving. The energy audit report shows the needs for plant monitoring and metering enabling the plant stuff to institutionalize the practice and hence, save money for the time to come. The step sets the preliminary budget for the energy management program. The opportunities mainly lie in the usage of existing renewable energy technologies, efforts at energy                    efficiency

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