Automation of Industries Using IoT and Zigbee Protocol

  • Syed Sultan Mahmood, Dr. Pramod Sharma


The fourth industrial revolution which is industry 4.0 is moving from wired communication to the wireless communication. Wireless communication has many advantages such as reduce cost, reduce cable damage and improvement in the mobility. One of the challenges faced by the industrial communication is the interference from the metallic object in industries. The industry 4.0 combines Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence. To have continuous improvement and focus on value adding activities, industry 4.0 has strict integration of human in the manufacturing process. The one of the objective of this project is to combines IoT and robotics. One of the other objectives is to show how ZigBee is the most used standard of the transceiver and how it reduces the power consumption. This paper presents the ZigBee wireless standard, IEEE 802.15.4 specification and its applications. Another objective is to show how IoT is an emerging field and how it helps to communicate and interact within themselves. IoT provides intelligence to make people life comfortable.

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