A Review of Consumer Awareness towards Green Products Marketing

  • Pragalbh Sharma


In the last few years, consumers have become more rational on ecological problems. Green marketing refers to selling goods or services based on environmental benefits, such product or service may be eco-friendly in itself or formed in an eco-friendly manner. Green market belongings the all area of economy, it is not only concerned with environment protection rather than it also create a new market (Yazdanifard & Mercy, 2011)[1]. Companies, who think about environment, have an opportunity of acquired many satisfied and trustworthy consumers. It is increase day by day and usually consumers are enthusiastic to pay more while buying green items. So Organizations has choose green marketing as a piece of tactic to promote products and services by using green claims either in their systems, attributes, process or policies of the firm that manufacture or sell them (Mishra & Sharma, 2012)[2]. This paper is an attempt to know about the awareness level of the customers towards the eco-friendly products.

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