Prediction of Diabetes using Machine Learning

  • Srinivasa R, Yashashwini, Shubham janakatti, Venkatesh K B, Yaswanth S P


Diabetes is considered as one of the deadliest and chronic diseases which causes an increase in blood sugar. Many complications occur if diabetes remains untreated and unidentified. The tedious identifying process results in visiting of a patient to a diagnostic center and consulting doctor. But the rise in machine learning approaches solves this critical problem. The motive of this study is to design a model which can prognosticate the likelihood of diabetes in patients with maximum accuracy. Therefore, three machine learning classification algorithms namely Decision Tree, SVM and Naive Bayes are used in this experiment to detect diabetes at an early stage. We also used data mining methods like Logistic regression, artificial neural network, random forest. Experiments are performed on Pima Indians Diabetes Database (PIMA) which is sourced from UCI machine learning repository. The performances of all the three algorithms are evaluated on various measures like Precision, Accuracy, F-Measure, and Recall. Accuracy is measured over correctly and in correctly classified instances. Results obtained show Naive Bayes outperforms with the highest accuracy of 76.30% comparatively other algorithms. These results are verified using Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curves in a proper and systematic manners as well as identified that for diabetes dataset NN with 10-fold using percentage split prediction accuracy of 84.52% is achieved.

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Srinivasa R, Yashashwini, Shubham janakatti, Venkatesh K B, Yaswanth S P. (2020). Prediction of Diabetes using Machine Learning. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 7593 - 7601. Retrieved from