Assistive Cap for Visually Challenged People

  • P. Ramani, P. Mohan Balaji, V. Vignesh Kumar, Chaitanya Vibhu, Rajnish Kumar Singh


Growth for the requirement of an assistive device for visually challenged people has become a crucial and dominant research area because of increase in the percentage of visually challenged people in the past few years. Although various devices and projects have been developed to assist the visually challenged people, it is not sufficient to aid them for various challenges they face in their life. Thus, this provides scope for a lot of research and development to provide them assistance to overcome various challenges faced by them. To provide an alternate technical eye to visually challenged people, this project proposes a new electronic assistive device to help people suffering from various visually challenged diseases. The project is a technical aid for a large group of visually challenged persons and can be placed on various suitable body parts. The device is module-based and has many functions such as personal assistant, image description, video stream, and distress alerting system, that enable a visually challenged person to navigate and see the world from a different perspective. It also allows the person to be independent and to understand the world better. Therefore, it is not only a technical aid, but it is also an alternative eye for the challenged.

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P. Ramani, P. Mohan Balaji, V. Vignesh Kumar, Chaitanya Vibhu, Rajnish Kumar Singh. (2020). Assistive Cap for Visually Challenged People. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(10s), 6831 - 6838. Retrieved from