A Study On Consumers’ Buying Behavior Towards Organic Food Products In Panchkula

  • Nitika Gupta, Dr. Kavita Aggarwal


In India the demand for organic food products has been growing appreciably. As organic food products are grown without using chemical fertilizers, so keeping its health benefits in mind consumers are willing to pay more for organic food products. Willingness to pay and consumers’ preference influence their buying behavior but there are frequent changes in such behaviors and that due to other best alternatives available in market. There are several reasons behind the Consumer’s preference to buy such products the food products. Buying is a fast process. Hence, the current study is conducted to look at the blow of consumer’s buying behavior towards the marketing of organic products and also find out the relationship between variables that influence consumers to buy organic food products in Panchkula. Convenience sampling method was used to select 240 respondents living in the district (120 organic food consumers and 120 conventional food consumers). The analysis of study calls for chi-square test  and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA).There is a relationship between demographic variables and awareness level of consumers for organic food products. These demographic factors (age, gender, income) and psychological factors (perception, awareness, attitude, trust etc) help us to differentiate between organic food and non-organic food consumers.

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