Emerging Trends In Elt: Innovative Strategies For Tech – Friendly Learners

  • Dr. P. Kulalmolial


English is the most widely used language both in speech and writing. It has been statistically proven that one out of seven persons in the world feel comfortable in expressing themselves in English than in any other language. When compared to all the other countries in the world where English is not the first language, India uses English widely than any other language even though there are many languages prevailing in India.English language works as a connecting language across all barriers and as the best medium to communicate with people across the globe.

             English should be taught to learners to make them fluent in speaking, reading and writing.  English language teaching is a continuous process which needs many changes from time to time. Earlier English was taught as a language.   But now the focus has changed and English is a means of communication and is looked upon as a skill nowadays. A lot of changes have taken place in the teaching and learning pattern of the English language.

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