Government's Efforts to Improve The Disaster Mitigation Capacity in Kuranji Watershed

  • Nur Iman, Bambang Istijono, Ahmad Junaidi


Changes in the land use in the eastern part of the city of Padang into settlements has a direct impact on changes in the watershed response to rain. Surface runoff in urban areas increases within a shorter concentration times due to the reduced water catchment areas.

The research method was executed by collecting previous studies relating to inundation and flood events as well as the impact of inundation caused by city inundation maps. The results of the research are that some of the illusions that can be applied in the handling of floods in the Batang Kuranji region are biopores, infiltration wells, green open spaces along the Batang Kuranji river, flood control development and environmental awareness. These have begun to be promoted in the city of Padang. It is necessary for the government's attention to be on efforts to increase preparedness in terms of facing the threat of flooding in Batang Kuranji.

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