Time Rate of Consolidation

  • H. S. Prasanna, Basavaraju


Time rate of consolidation analysis involves studies related with time(t)-compression (D) curves and coefficient of consolidation (Cv). Time-compression data, can be represented in different formats such as (D - log t), (D - Öt),   (t/D -t), (log D - log t) etc.  In the present work, time-compression data of compacted soils expressed in (D - log t) form will be discussed. .  As mentioned in literature, the one point method (Sridharan et al., 1998) was used for determining the Cv by the results obtained from one dimensional consolidation tests. Different user friendly methods are used for comparative study of determining Cv like one point method,Casagrande method, Taylor’s method rectangular hyperbola method and logD -log t method.

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