Consumer and Online Payments

  • Shubham Vaid


With the dawn of the internet era, people have been selling and buying commodities and online payment has been part of it all through the journey up till now. There are different methods to pay like credit card, debit card, internet banking and Unified Payment Interface (UPI), but still majority of people ordering online in India prefer payment on delivery method. With Digital India coming in to the picture, digital and online payments have got a new boost.

There has been research to study the attitude of consumers towards e-commerce, preference of consumers towards different e-commerce websites and platforms with different factors taken in considerations, how the behavior changes with demographics.

This research is trying to study and analyze various factors affecting the consumer behavior towards online payment methods using a quantitative research with primary data collected using forms. The factors include security concerns, trust factor, ways of payments available. The sample size is of 50, aging from 19 to 62 years. Additionally, we tried to find out the age group which is more comfortable with online payments. The results of this research are that security concerns, trust factor and payment methods play an important role while doing payments online, also the age group of 35 and below is more comfortable doing online payments.

Keywords: Online ordering, E-commerce, Online payment method, Security concern. 

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