The Impact of Metro Rail on ownership of private vehicles in Delhi

  • Aseem Raje


In India, the ownership of a vehicle is always considered to be a thing of pride and social respect. But as the number of private vehicles has increased, so has the congestion on the roads. The government, in a bid to reduce congestion, tries to improve the public transport in cities. Delhi Metro has become the heartbeat of the city with its massive network spanning 348 Kilometers. Through this study, we aim to find the impact of Delhi metro on the ownership pattern of private vehicles in Delhi. This study is restricted only to the people from Delhi, and data is taken from the inception of the metro in 2002 up to 2018. The concluding observation is that there is a weak positive correlation between the ridership of metro passengers and the purchase of private two wheelers and a strong negative correlation between metro ridership and purchase of private four-wheelers.

Keywords: Delhi Metro, Private Vehicles, Correlation, Ownership, Congestion.

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