Influencing the customer lifecycle through innovative forms of digital marketing

  • Arsh Khan, Anmol Harshil


From the perspective of companies, mobiles, and for that matter any form of electronic device with an Internet connection has become a way to communicate with consumer or a potential customer. According to Merkle Sokrati, in 2020, digital Ad spend in India is projected to reach 25% from 15% in 2018. This increase in share in a short of 2 years shows the trust which companies have with the success of digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram. An influencer is said to be any person who influences another person or group of people to buy a product or service. With high quantity and quality of content flooding social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, the generators of such content wield huge influence over millions, both in urban as well as rural areas across India. This is being leveraged by companies in order to create credibility for its products, especially when the company or the product is new in the market. According to eMarketer blog, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. The relevance of creation of content at such rapid rate is to remain relevant across competition as customer today is bombarded with content of all kind by advertisers. This paper would be useful to whether Influencer & Content marketing help to increase the engagement with the customers & the potential customers & bring them from the awareness stage to the consideration stage in the consumer purchase lifecycle.

Keywords: influencer marketing, customer engagement, digital, content marketing

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