Factors affecting online buying behaviour in Indian E-commerce sector

  • Ajay Bharat Jadhav


The growth of internet and affordability of data usage has brought about exponential growth in most of the industries. E-Commerce or online shopping can be touted as a child of internet itself. There are different ways The E-Commerce works be it in B2B, B2C, C2C or C2B. The two major factors that have helped in the growth of online shopping are, first is widespread internet i.e. increasing internet penetration in India and democratization of it, which includes affordability of wireless internet and accessibility of wired internet. The second factor is the smartphone revolution which effectively put a mini computer on people's palm allowing them to use the internet to maximum. The growth of smartphone industry has been exponential and increasing affordability for masses. The research was conducted using primary data collected from online shoppers in India based on multiple factors that affect the buying decision and the overall behavior of a consumer which includes price, delivery time, User interface, consistency of promised vs received product also called as product consistency, return policy and recommended product using the various recommendation algorithms used by businesses. The focus of this study is to understand the factors influencing the buying decision and the extent to which the recommended product is useful. Data of 105 valid responses was collected and analyzed by conducting reliability testing, exploratory factor analysis and multiple regression.

Keywords: E-commerce, Online Shopping, Digital Revolution, Reliability Testing, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Multiple Regression       

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