Factors Influencing People to Purchase Medicines Online

  • Latıka Agrawal


The Internet has revolutionized the way in which ordinary people carry out their day to day needs. E-shopping acts as a platform where shoppers can visit web stores at their own convenience. In this growing field of E-business, people can pay bills, order various products from a vast range of options, manage investments, and acquire information on an infinite number of topics online. It is not surprising that healthcare industry would seize this opportunity to modernize a common platform for purchase of medicines online. Nor is it surprising that healthcare industry has integrated itself to become a part of this innovation. Many internet pharmacies deliver medicines to the door-step offering privacy that often lacks in a traditional pharmacy when it comes to efficient and care free treatment of insomnia and anxiety. This research paper has used Qualitative research method to study the impact of factors that influence consumers to buy medicines online based on online shopping parameters like age, accessibility, satisfaction, ease of buying prescription-required medicines, privacy, future purchase intention and frequency of purchase. This research included 3 sub-groups: College students, working professionals and elderly people. The data was collected from these sub groups through Questionnaires in an attempt to understand what factors influence online purchase of medicines.

Keywords: E-pharmacy, Healthcare, Internet, Purchase, Behavior

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