The Future of Event Technology and Emerging Trends in the Events Industry

  • Tara Mariam Alex
  • Tara Mariam Alex


Event Technology has changed the way how event specialists plan and execute events. It has fundamentally influenced how members experience events. It has rethought how brands expend into events. The past few years have seen an outstanding climb in enthusiasm for event advancement and embedding technology in the events industry.

For event experts, the tech change tends to unfathomable prospects. Planning social affairs will get less troublesome — as will filtering through coordinated efforts and coordinating day-of-event part experience. Inventiveness can flourish when expanded reality, live solicitation and responsive social occasions, digital heat maps, and other moved courses of action become valuable similarly as moderate. Venues are arranging new science fiction style instruments, including reference point improvement and 3-D depictions that make wayfinding increasingly direct.

This research will take a look at the advancement of event technology by analyzing a section of the critical model lines in the events sector by consistent assessments of social affairs of all sizes that have effectively solidified the most recent in today’s dynamic environment. Through discussion with area specialists, entertainment insiders, and event authorities, this study will delve into the promising fate of what's ahead.

Keywords: Event management, technology, planning   

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