Customer Satisfaction of shopping experience on Amazon

  • Tanzeel Hussain, Shivani Gour


The significance of this study aims towards examine the satisfaction received by a customer performing online shopping through The data collected from respondents through a questionnaire circulated in various parts of India. E-Commerce shopping offers best price or lowest price, good quality of products, customer friendly interface, door step on time delivery, easy returns and exchange etc. The motive of this research paper is to gain knowledge about the satisfaction gained by customers while shopping through Amazon, an e-commerce platform and to reveal about the expectations of the customers and services provided by Amazon. Using a Questionnaire survey instrument, 202 respondents from different parts of India are collected. The research is purely descriptive as it is on the basis of customer satisfaction based upon the respondent’s responses. A descriptive research includes collection of data in order to collect the answers to the research questions with respect to the requirement of the study. The study found that there are various factors which collectively enhance the customer experience and when the experience is good then it leads to satisfaction. The study/research investigated how after purchase activities contribute to customer satisfaction in online shopping. Other than this, there are large number of customer do not prefer online shopping because of risk, security issues, recording of credit card details etc. There are many other sites other than Amazon but some of the factors distinguish Amazon from its competitors such as large variety of quality products.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Online Shopping,E-Commerce, Delivery, Shipping 

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