Impact of Technology on Person Envıronment Fıt

  • Sweta Rani


The ‘Person-Environment-Fit’ pertains to the fitment between individual and his or her work environment. In other words, it also refers to the compatibility between the two. The personal characteristics that could be included are the needs, values, different types of personalities and their competencies, and professional as well as life goals. The characteristics of work environment include various demands of a job role, the stress and the rewards associated with it. It also includes the different culture and social obligations that a workplace expects. With the evolution of technology, there are analytical tools and studies which showcases the impact of technology on fitment of an individual in a particular job role. The performance in any professional capacity depends upon the interests and competence in different technological and non-technological aspects related to that particular work. Also, there have been different theories about person-environment-fit over the past years that suggests about the different correlations like – person-environment-fit and stress, or, person-environment-fit and satisfaction at work. Therefore, the basic aim of this research paper is to correlate the different technological tools or studies available and the capabilities of a person to fit in a work environment.

Keywords: Career, employees, environment-type, growth, personality-type, satisfaction, technology

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