• Saumaya Chaudhary


The coronavirus has modified our way of working, play and learning: schools are closed, sport associations are cancelled, and many people are called out of their homes to work. Any reduction in the number of contacts you have with family, friends, colleagues in school each day will have a significant impact on the virus' capacity to spread throughout the population, but how this social distancing is affecting people psychology is hard to notice in this pandemic. Due to the rapid spread of the Virus and its disturbance, the bandwidth to contemplate dating might surprise you. However, people need distraction in times of crisis. Big cat Netflix and viral TikTok dances might entertain us and keep us busy, but are they going to keep the epidemic of loneliness at bay? Dating apps offer a new layer of human connections, a sense of normality during a period when many individuals are separated from family and friends. When it comes to us navigating troubled times, the power of connection is so important. People believe that they should completely isolate because they can't meet other people physically. This paper talks about Virtual reality (vr) in dating world and how it can help people psychology to reduce the isolation.

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