Anatomy of Attention for Duplicate Packaging using Eye Tracking

  • Vedantsing Pardeshi, Dr Preetha Menon


Colour scheme plays a vital role in the packaging of any product. Colour differentiates a business offering from its competitors and also grab and retain the attention of the consumer. Hence the choice of colour can have an impact on consumers buying behavior and hence help in grabbing customer’s attention and portray the characteristics of the product brand.

However, there exist brands which tend to package their products in a way similar to those of well known brands mimicking the colour, shape and other design features. Such products with a duplicate/similar packaging mislead the consumers when they intend to buy a branded product. For the purpose of this paper, we will refer to them as duplicate brands.

The study analyzes the impact of duplicate packaging on the attention of consumers during the purchasing process. From a number of brands available at retail outlets for purchasing, it is important for a brand to stand out and grab attention usually due to the packaging of the product. Hence, in the study, a virtual shelf was created and the participants were asked to shop for a main brand. The visual signaling of the duplicate brand was similar to that of the main brand which led to misleading the participants at the point of purchase. The eye-tracking study undertaken on these participants, showed how the duplicate brands cut through the consumer attention-share of the main brand. The study will be a reference material for newer brands on understanding the threats of duplicate brands

Keywords: Eye Tracking, packaging, duplicate-brands, duplicate-packaging, copycat-packaging, purchase-process, Marketing, Consumer attention           

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