Exploring the factors required for successful logistics start-ups in India

  • Vedika Goenka, Shrivats Bagaria


India being an upcoming superpower is experiencing a transformation, which is being led by the start-ups. The introduction of start-ups concept has enabled a sudden shift in exploring innovative ways to enhance customer experience as compared to the traditional form of business. But there are a high number of start-ups in logistics industry that fail shortly after commencing their operations.

This research has been aimed to discover the factors that can help avoid such failures. To discover the factors, industry visit to the fulfillment centre of DHL, East Midlands and Amazon, Manchester were conducted. The industry provided an opportunity to interact with employees who were an integral part of their operations. It helped in identifying how multinational companies like DHL and Amazon can achieve high efficiency even though they are operating at such a massive scale. Interviews from entrepreneurs in India operating at different stages of the product life cycle in the logistics industry were conducted to corroborate the observations and create a wider horizon of understanding. This process has helped to develop a comprehensive perception of the reason for their ignorance for the implications of such observations, along with focusing on why entrepreneurs should focus on them to achieve success.

We believe we have through this research succeeded in establishing a link between industry leaders like DHL and Amazon, entrepreneurs in logistics industry and success in winning over customers.

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