Analysis of customer review sentiment and rating behavior.

  • Vivek Chaudhary


Customers are sharing more and more information on online platforms about their views and opinions regarding any product or service they consume [1] . Most web sites have a combination of fixed fields and test reviews for customers to provide their feedback [2] . The fixed fields are very often in the form of a Likert scale. Lots of research has been carried to arrive at the drivers of these ratings [3]. The aim of this paper is to analyze the customer sentiment in reviews and the customer ratings of restaurants. The customer reviews and ratings were obtained for restaurants in Bengaluru enlisted on Zomato platform. Sentiment analysis was carried in the reviews to determine the customer sentiment regarding the restaurants and the customer rating was juxtaposed with it to discover insights. This paper also explores the possibility of prediction of rating based on customer sentiment using ensemble machine learning techniques

Keywords: Customer Rating, Customer Review, Sentiment Analysis, Zomato

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