Consumer Perception on Mobile Banking

  • Yuvraj Yeole


World is advancing at a fast pace and technology is advancing at an even faster pace, with these fast changes some people might cope up and some might not. One of these advancements is Mobile banking and our research on the same is through consumer perspective. Our research aims to show the usage and understanding of mobile banking and how many people actually use it, how frequent they use it and in what form they use it. The agenda was to find out the pattern in the usage, if any and draw inferences after analyzing primary data. Mobile banking or E banking has now become one of the most convenient from of banking as it saves time and cost. Thanks to mobile banking that today we see many virtual banks which have no physical presence. The traditional banks have also transformed themselves to provide their services via digital mode.

However, adoption of mobile banking remains a challenge in rural areas and people with 60 plus age. The aim of this research paper is to find out the root cause behind the same and come with up probable solutions.

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