IoT Enabled Hydroponic System

  • A V N Narendra Rahul


This paper, an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) program to track and control the hydroponics greenhouse, is proposed. The word hydroponics derives from the mixture of two Greek words, hydro signifying water, and phonics indicating energy, i.e. functioning water. Hydroponics is to be perceived as a technique where, such as the nutrition screen footwork for vegetable matter, there was no increasing media in the least. Yet it is agreed today that a soilless growing medium is typically to physically support the plant root and provide for a desirable intervention reinforcing around the root. To prevent many of the aggravations that we now have during a physical structure, the structure which is being used will also be automated. With the growing trend of the Internet of things and technology, the challenges of overseeing such systems will indeed be solved. This framework aspires to provide all the appropriate conditions for crops to thrive, a system for consistent pH, water level tracking, air temperature and relative humidity surveillance. Besides, this system provides supervised water irrigation and nutrient supplement ingest with the use of simplistic procedures. Users store, retain, request, and transmit information over the internet through the data gathered by the detectors including the use of web-based technology as the rear end. Resource management in a hydroponics model, based on the advancement and accomplishment of this thesis, becomes easier and more effective

Keywords: Hydroponics, Automation, Internet of Things, Ebb & Flow 

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