Consumer Preferences for Domestic Wines in Delhi-N.C.R. Region

  • MohitMalik, Dr. Apeksha Bhatnagar, Dr. JaswinderKumar


In India the wine market is in a formative process. Wine is considered a refined beverage and in reality considered safer than other alcoholic beverages like Whiskey, Vodka, and Rum etc. Even among women and the young starters this element has made it famous. Drinking wine is a growing trend in India. Drinking wine is no longer viewed as a bad topic by customers. This research aims to establish a deeper picture of the consumer preferences in Delhi for domestic wine. The research was conducted through a method of questionnaire surveys in NCR's Delhi and tri-city areas. Online survey approaches gather quantitative data consisting of standardized questions that are only aimed at Delhi-NCR wine customers and evaluated using SPSS 16.A total of 149 customers were surveyed about their preferences of domestic wine and purchasing behaviour. This paper finds out that India's wine industry is largely informal and at a nascent stage of production. Wine producers can enhance their efforts in wine-making by understanding emerging technologies and market demands. Strategies for regional business growth will help encourage domestic wine and often concentrate on the application of innovative techniques. The study contributes to the analysis of wine marketing & customer behaviour by defining the characteristics and customer desires and motives that are essential to the broad Indian wine industry in order to sell wine

Keywords: Domestic wines, consumer preference, wine consumers, market demand, Delhi,N.C.R       

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