Factors Impellıng the Consumers towards E-Shoppıng

  • . Ravi Kumar, G.D.V. Kusuma, K.S. Srinivasa Rao, K. Lalitha


E-Shopping may be a phenomenon that’s growing rapidly nowadays. A peep into the exponential growth of the most players during this industry indicates there's still an outsized reservoir of market potential for e-commerce. The prevalence of E-shopping has raised the interest of the retailers to specialize in this area. There’s a drastic change within the customers buying behavior everywhere in the world.  With the arrival of IT sector and therefore the progress in it, we see that customers are making more and more use of it in their daily lives.  Customers are more aware of the products available within the market.  One among the foremost important emerging means of promotion of a product is word-of-mouth publicity.  The findings of this study indicate that Companies of all kinds need to remember that word of mouth is a crucial a part of the marketing strategy. Companies must build good relations with its customers to earn their loyalty, and ensure their commitment to speak about the virtues of      the corporate and its products altogether forums. Managers must understand that the satisfied customer can attract new customers through word of mouth. The aim of the study is to know the factors influencing the consumers with regard to E-Shopping.

Keywords: Buying Behavior, Customers, E-Shopping, factors

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. Ravi Kumar, G.D.V. Kusuma, K.S. Srinivasa Rao, K. Lalitha. (2020). Factors Impellıng the Consumers towards E-Shoppıng. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 7080 - 7087. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/22488