Advances in Machine Learning Technologies with Support of Artificial Intelligence

  • Neha Yadav


In this dynamic era, there become dynamic changes in the platforms, applications, and that are based on Machine Learning. The technologies of machine learning are impacting the software industry as well as the industries that are related to healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, Sports, entertainment, agriculture, etc. In this era years, the world is benefited with several advances in these fields those were seemed to be impossible in past. Now Machine learning is emerging with very fast speed day by day, therefore it is sometimes tough to keep track of the advances that are evolving regularly especially for those who are in the role of new researchers. Machine learning (ML) has advanced the world faster than ever. In this paper we draw the attention towards major advances belongs to machine learning. These advances will form the future world and also impacting our daily life by making it more comfortable. This paper systematically introduces the recent advances of machine learning technologies from varieties of fields which are very much close to or smarter than humans or learning exactly like human. These advances are proving to be beneficial for several fields as mentioned above.

Keywords: NG platform, Hudl , E-Textile, 4D printing, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, CRISPER, Cyber Defence.

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