Smart Irrigation Using IoT

  • Devraj Sen, Madhulika Dey, Shubham Kumar, Dr.C.S.Boopathi


India has been progressing and is welcoming new technology in the field of agro based industry since green revolution. India’s agro based business depends on the rainstorm which is not uniform in all season as well as terrains, therefore water wellsprings or others such water resources becomes backbone for irrigation in agro industry. Even though wellsprings and other water resources have solved the irrigation problem but wastage of water, soil erosion due to dry or excess water as well as manual labour in harsh weather conditions have a negative impact.  This paper puts together a study with a prototype experiment to solve the problem statements based on irrigation using Internet of Things (IoT) based smart irrigation system. This paper majorly focuses on the framework of the system which targets on sensing soil quality, moisture and provide adequate moisture needed using motor pumps with limited human interaction. The data from soil moisture sensors as well as other data like ph, dampness, and temperature as well as pump status is indicated to the farmer. This framework will be dynamically significant in districts where there is an absence of water and will be worth profitable with fulfilling its necessities.

Keywords: Internet of things (IoT), Soil moisture sensor, Motor pumps

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