Academic Motivation of Student- Athletes of Isabela State University

  • Krichelle A. Tungpalan


Participating in sports can encourage students to achieve higher, increase their educational ambition and improve students’ academic (Din, 2005). However, participation in sports may reduce the time available for studying and learning (Rees & Sabia, 2010). Academic expectations are challenging and require a concentrated effort. This study ascertained the academic motivation in terms of learning styles and study habit, and the academic performance of student-athletes in Isabela State University. It used the descriptive design. A semi-structured questionnaire was used to gather the primary data and the secondary data was derived from the General Weighted Average (GWA). Based on the foregoing findings, it is concluded that student-athletes manifest being active, sensory, visual and global as their learning styles. Most of the student-athletes strongly agree that they study their lessons every night. The overall academic performance of the student-athletes is 2.34 which is generally a satisfactory academic performance.

Keywords: academic motivation, academic performance, learning styles, study habit

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