Sensory Evaluation And Acceptability Of Bambusa Blumeana As Bamboo Shoot Siomai

  • Jehoana Maloloyon-Mones


Bamboo shoot has become more popular because of its multiple benefits, it’s cheaper cost and its thousand uses. This study aimed to develop a processed bamboo shoot into siomai to promote healthy eating habit among the youth without even noticing it. This product underwent laboratory test from the help of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to determine nutritional of the product (siomai). The researchers used experimental design for bamboo shoot in every treatment employed during evaluation. The respondents comprised from students, from professors and from different departments of the campus, high school, elementary and from vendors. The respondents were purposively selected to evaluate the products using sensory scale for the color, texture and taste, and hedonic or the acceptability of the product. As for the texture of bamboo shoot siomai, Therefore, in the production of siomai using bamboo shoot as the main ingredients, the T-test revealed that there is no significant difference in color, texture and hedonic but when it comes in the taste there is a significant difference according to the evaluators and prospect consumer. Based on simple cost and benefit analysis, siomai can be sold in any kind of market.

Keywords: bamboo shoot, siomai

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