The Use of Fun Card Learning Media in Teaching Islam: Towards 21stCentury Competence

  • Siti Aminah, Irwan Abdullah


The mission of the Indonesian national education that is to facilitate students to achieve the level of the 21st century competence that has been designed within the national education curriculum experiences many obstacles. This study examined the Fun Card approach involving small cards as media in learning, and that they facilitated students to achieve the expected competence. Collecting the data through a questionnaire and interviews was an attempt to get insights into the learning processes and measurable competence in the implementation of the Fun Card approach. The findings showed that the use of Fun Cards during students’ learning activities succeeded in increasing their four skills, namely critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. The success of this approach lay in the concept of participation in which students were involved and gained space for collaborations with their fellow students. This research suggests that there is a need to develop innovation and creativity in the use of media in students’ learning activities to achieve the expected competence.

Keywords–Students competence, education technology, learningmMedia, Fun Card method, teaching and learning Islam

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