An Automated Prepaid Electric Vehicle Charging Point System

  • Abhiruchi Passi, Parth Sarthi, RituHalder


The whole world has seen a tremendous rise in the energy crisis. The main reason for this is scarcity of the supply due to lack of resources. Much work has been done by a number of notable organizations and educational institutions all over the globe in this particular area and because of their continuous efforts we can see advancements in this field. In past few decades we’ve seen a humongous jump in search of alternative energy source for vehicle especially in electric section of the technology. Engine system has seen many forms of energy systems viz. steam, diesel, petrol etc. Since every discovery and research work comes with a drawback so their efforts too lagged on one aspect i.e. advancement in power efficiency. This paper particularly targets the advancement of electric vehicle charging system as the diesel and petrol are exhaustible fuels. Also there are limited numbers of charging stations and there is a need to promote smart use of fuel to be used in the future i.e electric energy. In addition to that the proposed technology enhances the ease in billing system, thereby increasing competition between the power distributing companies. With more security of power and overall customer satisfaction as well as ease to the distributor and to the common people benefitted by the use of the proposed system, the use of electric vehicle is bound to increase in the future.

Keywords–Energy crisis, alternative energy source, engine systems, power efficiency, cost benefit ratio, solar power, billing system, power distribution

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