Wounds of the Heart and Scars on the Mınd

  • Ms. I. Hannah, Dr. Helen Unius Backiavathy


It is observed in the novel of Corban Addison taken for the study that the ignorant nature of the country and its citizens gives rise to a lot of vicious acts like assault, abusive behaviour and sexual exploitation. These acts have gruesome impacts on the people’s lives and leave them physically, emotionally and psychologically affected. The study seeks to explain the horrifying experiences of the victims that evoke certain emotions in the readers using the Objective Correlative theory. This paper aims to provide an insight into how Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children takes place in India, investigates the situations that trap vulnerable groups to meet the demands of human trafficking, examines the problems and difficulties faced by the victims and the application of the literary theory Objective Correlative to the themes present in the novel ‘A Walk Across the Sun’.

Keywords–Trafficking, victims, abuse, vulnerable, crime, exploitation

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