Role of Information Technology (IT) in Indian Healthcare

  • Challa Maruthy Subrahmanyam, Dr Sarita Satpathy, Dr. S.K. Satpathy


Indian hospitals use software applications to automate their process. These processes include the outpatient services, inpatient services and day care services. In outpatient services they include appointment booking, electronic medical records, customer relationship management, laboratory diagnostic tests and pharmacy. These software applications have healthcare consumer touch points by which they contribute towards healthcare consumer’s perception in the hospital care process.  Hospitals would like healthcare consumer leave their premise every time with a positive consumer perception. This study was performed on outpatient who had an opportunity to develop a consumer perception. A questionnaire was administered to 416 outpatients to capture consumer perception. Descriptive statistics using frequencies was applied on the consumer data to arrive at role of software applications in the outpatient services. The study reveals that information technology has begun to make an impact in healthcare Industry.

Keywords: Information technology, Indian healthcare industry, outpatient, healthcare consumers.

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